Allianz Partners has chosen to support ACTIONAID to prevent and combat violence against women in Italy and in all countries in which the organisation intervenes, promoting the right to a life without violence.

Still today, one in three women across the world has suffered physical, mental or sexual violence at least once in their lives. Unfortunately, it is an established phenomenon, cross-sectional to all countries and all social classes: violence against women is one of the world's most widespread human rights violations.

Allianz Partners works with ActionAid through important initiatives that combat any form of violence against the human race, supporting in particular:
• LEI – Labour, Empowerment and Independence, the project aim is to encourage, through an integrated approach, effective paths of social and economic empowerment for women who have been victims of violence, improving their level of personal autonomy and their professional skills.
• Youth for Love: Developing, implementing and evaluating an educational programme in the high schools of four European countries (Italy, Romania, Greece and Belgium) to contribute to the prevention and combating of stereotypes and gender-based violence.
• OpenSpace: a focus on education and schooling to multiply the opportunities for growth of girls and boys in difficulty with a view to empowerment and gender equality.