After 128 years in the history of the Allianz Group, it is even more important to pursue the strategy with which we manage our business, paying attention to our social impact, to our responsibility to the environment, to the climate and to society as a whole, across the world.

In the awareness of how much climate change generates huge economic and social risks, which are already today harming millions of people, in our role we aim to promote transition through a climate-friendly economy.

To do so, Allianz Partner has launched an awareness-raising project for employees in collaboration with AzzeroCO2 (a Legambiente and Kyoto Club company), with the aim of undertaking actions to reduce the company's environmental impact, to reduce energy consumption and to achieve Environmental Responsibility goals.


We did this with about thirty of our employees by supporting the Legambiente and AzzeroCO2 initiative “Let's Clean the World”, focusing in particular on the beach of Voltri, on the outskirts of Genoa and collecting, in just one hour, 100 kg of waste! We also investigated the types of waste, estimating the most frequent type and their possible origin. 

It didn't stop there. The day was marked by training sessions enabling us to find out more about the project “Beach Litter: focus on the health of the Italian sea", discovering what each of us can really do every day to benefit the Planet.


A later event, organised at our Milan offices, during our Diversity & Inclusion Day, was a full day of workshops for our employees aimed at investigating all projects supported in relation to CSR. AzzeroCO2  contributed to making the day truly special by discussing Environmental Sustainability, Circular Economy, Innovation, Plastic Free and GreenHeroes, discovering what each of us can do to make the difference, reflecting on preventive waste management starting with how it is generated, in the design and/or process phase, by companies, to its virtuous management even with actions aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and offsetting the same.