We do this by providing customised products and services, developed in light of new technological and digital evolutions, through an innovative process that considers the entire mobility ecosystem, increasingly influenced by trends of shared mobility, by the evolution of sharing mobility services, and by the general tendency to see mobility as an integrated and multimodal service.
Through a broad range of customised products, we offer insurance solutions in various areas of assistance.
Roadside Assistance
Allianz Assistance automotive products
  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance in all European countries and "green card" in the event of an accident, breakdown, fire or theft
  • Digital Roadside Assistance, geo-localised assistance via tow truck tracking
  • Repair on the Spot, through in situ repairs where the vehicle is located
  • Phone Fix, with video call assistance
  • Replacement car
  • Vehicle maintenance service
  • Vehicle return and transportation
Telematics Assistance
Allianz Assistance health products
  • E-Call, through a device that automatically calls the 112 emergency number in the event of an incident, sending a series of useful information to the emergency services (accident location, vehicle type, fuel used or number of passengers)
  • B-Call Service which, through a device fitted in the car equipped with GPS and integrated SIM card, in the event of a vehicle fault, facilitates the request for a tow truck simply by clicking the dedicated button
  • Usage-based insurance,  allowing you to pay when you drive and when you need it, providing 24 hour assistance in all European countries and "green card" in the event of an accident, breakdown, fire or theft
Multimodal mobility
Allianz Assistance health products
MyMobility:  Instant and temporary policy to protect all movements via private, public and shared vehicles, with customisable modular cover covering the individual, his/her property, relatives and  home whilst travelling, irrespective of the type of vehicle used (owned or rented/shared, as driver or passenger)  www.allianz-assistance.it
Other products
Allianz Assistance home and lifestyle products
  • Car and motorcycle civil liability for third party damages and insurance assistance (Motor TPL (third party liability insurance) and MOD (motor third party liability insurance)
  • Guarantee in the event of vehicle loss or theft with an insured maximum ceiling not sufficient to repay the loss (Guaranteed asset protection insurance (GAP)
  • Protection in the event that it is not possible to repay the loan, covering the gap between the actual value of the car and the amount of the loan still to be paid (Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)
Testimonial from an Allianz Assistance student customer

At 4am one morning, the E-call system alarm rang and we received a panicked call from a customer who had been in a car accident. We immediately arranged an ambulance and the traffic police to find the car and take our customer to hospital where his injuries were taken care of.

We remained on the phone with our customer, constantly informing him of what was happening. This kept him calm and reassured him that help was on its way.

Testimonial from an Allianz Assistance customer

We received a call from a customer whose car had swerved off a narrow country road into a ditch. After checking that he was not injured we immediately sent a crane and towing truck to the site, where the car was recovered from the ditch.

It was later that evening that the car was recovered and the customer was driven home.

He told us: ‘Your assistance is truly professional and considerate. I’m really impressed’.

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