Allianz Partners supports Obiettivo3, a project that aims to recruit and support disabled persons wanting to undertake sporting activity.
Sport enables. This is the theme of Obiettivo3, the association founded by Alex Zanardi with the ambition of not only involving in sport the highest possible number of athletes, but also allowing at least 3 of them to qualify for the next Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020, a unique opportunity to demonstrate that disability is a characteristic and not a limit.

It is a new opportunity to bolster the path of Diversity & Inclusion undertaken by Allianz Partners which, in relation to CSR, is valued by the company. Thanks to the Obiettivo3 project, the company is proud to accompany dozens of girls and boys, currently over 60, who have not only been brought closer to sport but who, for some of them, thanks to various awards in para-cycling, athletics and triathlon, may even compete at the next Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

Diversity is a value and sport is an opportunity to facilitate inclusion, fulfilment and personal development.

The photo shows Alex Zanardi during our 2019 All Staff Annual Convention, a unique and exciting occasion that allowed us to get to know his “rules”, his ideas for seeing life with curious eyes, and for transforming everything we are given into opportunities.
While tenacity allows us to surprise ourselves by revealing our most hidden qualities, “passion is the most powerful engine” is the theme of our convention, inspired by one of his quotes. Thanks for honouring us with your presence Alex!