Valeria Solesin Award – Third Edition

From the collaboration between Allianz Partners and Forum della Meritocrazia, the Valeria Solesin Award begins again, for the fourth consecutive year: a competition aimed at students of the Italian Universities, public and private, inspired by the studies of the Venetian researcher, who tragically died in the Paris attack on 13 November 2015.

The theses that win awards will be those that investigate, from an original and innovative viewpoint, the issue of “Female talent as a crucial factor for the development of the economy, ethics and meritocracy in our country”, a subject linked to the studies carried out by Valeria on the dual role of women, split between family and work, and the positive effects of a balanced female presence in companies.

The project is supported by 12 companies: Allianz Partners, which promotes the initiative by awarding the 1st prize, and by major companies such as MM, Sanofi, SAS, Suzuki, Boscolo, EY, Lablaw Studio Legale, Euler Hermes, State Street, AISP/SIS (Associazione Italiana per gli Studi di Popolazione, Società Italiana di Statistica) and TRT Trasporti e Territorio.

Thanks to their contribution, internships and cash prizes are on offer, also for this third edition, for a total value of 30,700 Euro, to be granted to the winners in an awards ceremony.

The Valeria Solesin Award is open to students who have written, at any Italian university, a thesis to gain a Master's Degree in one of the following disciplines: Economics, Sociology, Law, Political Science, Psychology, Education, Engineering, Statistics and Demography. The field of analysis is the labour market in terms of gender, from a socio-economic, demographic-statistical and legal perspective. These theses must focus on factors that hinder or delay female employment, discrimination phenomena and also virtuous practices of conciliation by institutions and companies at local and international level.

Particular attention will be given to works that discuss the gender dimension applied to the sectors of scientific and technological research, the digital economy and, more generally, the presence of women in areas historically dominated by men, from tertiary education to the professional sphere.  

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