A market leader in Travel, through the commercial brand Allianz Global Assistance, we are ready to offer the broadest range of insurance products, working in partnership with over 40 airlines and 100,000 travel agencies across the world, for national and international journeys by land, air and sea.
Our assistance and technology solutions were established to satisfy our customers' requirements, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, before, during and after the trip.
Our digital solutions, designed with a customer focus, continue to exploit the potential of new technologies and adapt innovations to the Travel ecosystem, such as our MyTravelApp through which it is possible to request geo-localised assistance, register the policy and view the documents in the app for easier consultation whilst travelling, to have close at hand the main emergency numbers in the visited country, to locate the nearest hospitals, embassies and services, to translate emergency phrases into the world's major languages, to monitor the flight status in real time, and much more besides.
Assistance and medical expenses
Allianz Travel products

Assistance and medical expenses adapted to different travel requirements:

  • Holidays
  • Long-haul trips
  • Annual multi-trips
  • Study visits
  • Business trips
  • Obtaining visas
  • Organised group trips
  • Customisable solutions with additional guarantees of your choice
Allianz Travel event protection services

Cancellation or change of booking for:

  • Travel packages
  • Transport tickets
  • Stays in hotels and other accommodation facilities 
  • Tickets for events
Baggage and personal property
Bagaglio e beni personali

Protection of personal property:

  • In the event of the lack of or delayed return, theft, fire or damage to baggage and personal effects
  • Protection against theft of and damage to smartphones, PCs and tablets, cameras
  • Cover for sports equipment
Customisable modular solution that protects the individual while travelling, irrespective of the transport method used, along with his/her property and family members at home

Other cover for full protection:

  • Accidents during travel
  • Flight injuries
  • Traveller's civil liability
  • Reduction of the excess value applied by car rental companies in the event of vehicle damage or theft (CDW)
Testimonial from an Allianz Travel retail customer

"My husband was under Allianz Global Assistance's care in Mexico City for emergency surgery. I want to thank Allianz for all it did. Getting him transported from the cruise ship to Mexico City hospital saved his life and I am truly thankful for that. Also taking care of the medical expenses and sending us an escort to get us home on Sunday was really tremendous. We really appreciate it." 

Testimonial from an Allianz Travel OTA customer

“It was a rental I was driving and it was very helpful and comforting to know that I was protected on my trip. I was able to enjoy my trip without stressing over the coverage. Thank you, thank you for the peace of mind. I would highly recommend you to all my family and friends. Just continue to keep providing the excellent coverage and you will remain #1.”

Testimonial from an Allianz Travel airline customer

“I cannot express my gratitude enough for Allianz Global Assistance’s [assistance team], the people who have just been wonderful. It was the scariest experience of my life to have my daughter traveling by herself in a foreign country up on a mountain, not breathing, and not knowing what was happening. They called her and reassured her and were kind and nice to me.  They are just wonderful, wonderful people. I am a retired nurse and you don't always see that.”


Allianz Partners, through the commercial trademark Allianz Global Assistance, adheres to the provisions established by the international community, which involve specific restrictions against some nations (embargoes) or entities included in the black lists prepared by the UN, the United States or the European Union.

In this regard, the insurance cover may not be issued for the following destinations:

  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • Special rules for Iran (update dated 03/02/2014)
    European Regulation no. 42 of 21 January 2014 suspended some international measures against Iran in light of the improvement in international relationships.
    The policy is effective for this destination.
    Due to difficulties encountered by the European banking system in the payment phase for operators resident in Iran, some performances scheduled by the policy may be provided by way of reimbursement and not by direct payment.

If the trip to be insured involves simple transit in the territory of one of the nations listed above, the provision of the travel assistance services may not be guaranteed for the transit time in those nations, while the cover remains valid for the other destinations of the insured trip, so long as they are not subject to restrictions.

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